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Live Music

Fine dining and live music go together like prime beef and an aged red wine. They are wonderful on their own, but once they come together you’re in for something truly special. That’s why Clyde’s Prime Rib Restaurant and Bar hosts live music every night of the week.

Local live music and dancing.

Our layout is perfect for live music and dancing. The dance floor and stage are nestled around the corner from the main dining room. You can listen while you eat and head to the dance floor after, or get a booth and eat in the bar so you can be closer to the action.

We’re a restaurant with a classic style, and nothing complements our tender cuts of prime rib and bacon-wrapped filet mignon like the soulful sounds of funk, R&B (rhythm and blues), blues, disco, and jazz.

You’ll be treated to local live bands playing blues favorites from some of the greats. You’ll find big bands with guitars, keyboards, stand-up bases, horn sections, and multiple drummers.

Music and drinks since 1955.

Our restaurant doubles as a music venue and dance hall. Nothing lets a funky jazz singer, horn section or bass player know you have rhythm and love music like putting on your dancing shoes and cutting it up. Our dance floor is backed by a bar that serves the best in local craft beers, Oregon, Washington and California wines, and craft cocktails.

Clyde’s Prime Rib has been supporting the local music scene since 1955. ¬†We love hosting live concerts, and bringing the energy of a live band to create a fun party every night of the week. We know you’ll love it too, so please call for more information or visit our music calendar to see who’s shaking it up tonight.

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